AP Spanish Language Skit

This was a fun little skit I did with a few kids from my AP Spanish Language class. 🐷️

So this was a fun little skit I did with a few kids from my AP Spanish Language class.

It was really memorable for me so I figured I’d post it up here along with the rest of my little tidbits.

Creds also go to Lizzy, Suzie, and Patricia who were all part of my little skit group.

It’s a parody of the “Three Little Pigs”, but in Spanish… obviously.

I would translate it all, but it’s only for AP Spanish rug rats anyways.

For this parody, you will need

  1. 1 Wolf mask (or a hairy dude)
  2. 3 Pig masks (or 3 fat people… I kid, I kid!)
  3. Guns/Knives (better if fake so no one accidentally gets shanked)
  4. Fake monopoly money
  5. Light-saber (optional… helps create image of psychopath)


  • Piggie 1 – Druggie – D – Lizzy
    • D – needs a plastic bag with “leaves” (it’s supposed to be marijuana durrrr) in it.
  • Piggie 2 – Terrorist- T – Suzie
    • T – needs a grenade like object… because T is a terrorist.
  • Piggie 3 – Psychopath – Patricia
    • P – needs a lot of courage to act like a psychopath. And maybe a light-saber.
  • Wolf – F***** Up Wolf – Frances


  • F: (talking on phone in middle of nowhere) Hola jefe! Justamente encontre los lugares donde los tres mas grandes chanchitas de la mafia estan. Ahora voy a capturar los, jefe. Dame suerte.


  • D: (playing with drugs) Hermanos… quieren?
  • P: (tilts head) Quisas.
  • S: (holds grenade up) KAMAKAMEHA! … No gracias.
  • D: Okay, mas para mi…
  • P: (tilt head) Oye, ya saben que el lobo ya sabe de nostotros y ya viene!
  • D: Ehh… dame tiempo para pensar.
  • S: Oye chanca tres, creo que necessitamos explotar el lobo!
  • P: Okay buena idea chanca uno. Entonces te veo manana.
  • P: (tilts head) Naranja? …

At Druggie’s house

  • F: (knock knock) Hola! alguien esta alli?
  • D: Que?? No, son mis drogas. No, nadie esta aqui.
  • F: Chancha estupida…. (rolls eyes).. Esto va hacer facil. Oye, chancha, tengo lo que quieres….
  • D: (opens door fast) DROGAS??
  • F: (holds up bag) Quieres este tipo de drogas???
  • D: Eso me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • F: Si, lo se… Bueno, tengo una discuenta especial. Solo va a hacer $2 dolares.
  • D: OMG! (throws money at wolf, sniffs drugs, throws old drugs away, and before she takes drugs away from wolf, wolf kills her)
  • D: (while dying) yooooooooooooo…………. D then dies
  • F: Uno muerto, dos mas ahora……

At Terrorist’s house

  • S: (looking around nervously)
  • F: (knock knock) Hola? Alguien esta alli?
  • S: OMG!!! OMGG!!! (rabble e.g. (achemedkamaphelemyana!)
  • F: hmmm… extrano…
  • S: Quien es?
  • F: Soy un pintora! Quieres ver mis varias pinturas???
  • S: Hmm okay okay, esta bien. Me gusta a Picasso. (opens door)
  • F: HAHA! ahora mueres!!
  • S: NOOOO.. (rabble) S dies
  • F: Eso fue facil.

At Psychopath’s house

  • F: (knocks on door) Muahahaha. Esta es la ultima chanchita.
  • P: (hides)
  • F: Knocks harder. Yo se que estas ahi! abreme la puerta chancha estupida!
  • P: Nunca! Nunca me vas a atrapar!
  • F: Ya mate a tus hermanas. Tambien te puedo matar a ti
  • P: Que!?!!? Matastes a mis hermanas?!!?!
  • F: Si, y ahora te matare a ti tambien
  • P: Comes out from hiding place. Nadie mata a mis hermanas! Loba estupida! (shoots F)
  • F: Ahhhh…(falls down)
  • P: Muahahahaha
  • F: NO! No voy a morir! (stands up with last bit of energy and stabs P)
  • P: Nooooo…. P dies
  • F: Ya puedo morir .. contento… F dies



Everyone died like a b*****!

Lesson Learned?

Don’t be no hairy or fat mo-fo and life will work out for you.

Toodles people!