Review – Limbo

Expressing my gratitude. It’s been roughly 3 years (July 2010) since Limbo was first released to the Xbox 360 platform. Since then, it went on to accommodate practically every other major game platform besides the very much new Xbox 1. I myself first became familiar with the title back in 2012, a few months after…Continue readingReview – Limbo

My Updated WordPress Blog Design

My updated WordPress blog design. I have updated the theme for my WordPress website to be more user friendly. Banner Blog Post Footer  Continue readingMy Updated Wordpress Blog Design

Undergrad A.I. Internships

This list provides undergrad-level internships/fellowships located in the US that deal with machine learning, multi-agent systems, computational biology, natural language processing, big data, robotics, cognitive computing, logic programming, computational linguistics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc., or a mix of those topics. Internship listings assume applicant knows English and has a high school/GED diploma. Companies/organizations are listed with links…Continue readingUndergrad A.I. Internships

MBA & MSCS Grad Programs

Graduate Programs – MBA/MSCS This list provides graduate programs that offer a dual degree in an MBA and Master’s in Computer Science/Robotics/AI/related – which are of course, few and far. MBAs will include any type: executive, part-time, international, etc. MSCSs will include research specializations in: general computer science, machine learning, genetic algorithms, strong AI, robotics,…Continue readingMBA & MSCS Grad Programs

Giving Back

Expressing my gratitude. Yesterday, I successfully packaged a bag of Air Heads, an appreciative letter, and the complete and unabridged works of Edgar Allen Poe in support of Peter Sunde – hope he enjoys it! My mom even sent a letter to Gottfrid… Later today, my mum provided the receipt that she got from the Postal Service. It…Continue readingGiving Back