Needs Flavours…

Customizing my desktop layout. Dock Icons ccard3dev Transparent Dock cDock Desktop Calendar Blotter 3rd-Party Menubar Icons Dropbox 1Password f.lux Caffeine Sip … needless to say, I cannot WAIT till Flavours 2 comes out.Continue readingNeeds Flavours…

Yes Hair

Yes Hair, promoting minority beauty. 💇🏿‍♀️️ I was put in charge of some of the online branding and website for Yes Hair, a group aiming to promote minority beauty through hair products. This project was completed in November 2014 for the Yes Hair committee at Hampton University. Links Website at Facebook at YesHairHU Twitter at yeshair_hu Instagram at yeshair_hu (discontuined) Tools PicturesContinue readingYes Hair

New WordPress Theme – TdEditor

Updated my website with the tdEditor theme. The tdEditor theme was created by Tasko.Continue readingNew Wordpress Theme – TdEditor

Study Guide – Linked Lists

A study guide for simple linked lists in Java. CSC251 Study Guide Linked Lists Exam Index Linked Lists Exam Index Linked Lists vs Arrays Linked Lists Properties Linked Lists Algorithms Linked Lists vs Arrays Arrays can access any element directly via indexing all elements grouped together sitting in 1 block of memory size is fixed…Continue readingStudy Guide – Linked Lists

Magnifying The Bootcamp Research Experience

The coding bootcamp ultimatum. The Coding Bootcamp Ultimatum Okay, so on my search for the perfect coding bootcamp (I’m just going to refer to it as CB) last year and now again this year, I used/am using several different websites. So today we’ll be looking at each of these compare/finder websites for CBs by analyzing the prominent Hack Reactor bootcamp…Continue readingMagnifying The Bootcamp Research Experience