Reset Your Launchpad With Sorty

You can reset your launchpad on Yosemite using Sorty. 🔄

Reset Your Launchpad on Yosemite

Terminal? No.

Sorty? Yes.


Sorty can easily reset your Launchpad items to default and remove duplicate entries in the ‘Open With’ menu.

This application has an easy to use and intuitive interface, with only two buttons: reset launchpad and remove duplicates in the ‘Open With’ menu.


You know, I just don’t think this app is getting enough recognition.

I see so many Launchpads that are disorganized and cluttered.

Thank goodness this dude did something about it!

There are Launchpads that look like this:

Calvin C | Launchpad

If only it could go back to its default settings and look pretty again, like the Launchpad below… 😉

Launchpad | Pretty

Hah – hey pal, don’t even worry ‘bout it!

Just download Sorty!

Reset Your Launchpad 2

Smile, for goodness sakes!

This app can do wonders for you!

No more manual dragging!

All your worries are over!!

Automate everything!!!

So go ahead, make your worries go away!

Reset Your Launchpad 4

You downloaded it, right?

Reset Your Launchpad 5

Wait, why didn’t you download it?

Reset Your Launchpad 6

Your chances slowly draining away…

Reset Your Launchpad 7

Last updated on May 4th, 2020