Alex Bradshaw

🌐 I signed my Sedgefield Elementary School classes up for “The Hour of Code” this past December 2015. Ms. Coronel was one of the volunteers I could choose to invite to do a presentation to my 3rd-grade students. She eagerly accepted my invite and planned with me what Newport News Public Schools wants our students…Continue readingAlex Bradshaw

Hour Of Code 2015

So this past week, I signed up as a technical volunteer for the Hour of Code. Here’s how my experience went. đŸ’»ïž So this week, I signed up as a technical volunteer for the Hour of Code. is sponsoring a whole week (December 7th to 13th) of CS education through their Hour of Code event. Quite a few…Continue readingHour Of Code 2015

Kelli White

🌐 The class and I would like to thank you and your team for an amazing CODEing experience. Your presentation was enlightening, and your help was appreciated. To say the kids were excited is an understatement, they were “electrified!”. They couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was and now that I have a teacher dashboard I can…Continue readingKelli White

Hour Of Code

Volunteered to teach kids of all levels why coding is cool and how to get started. is a nonprofit organization and eponymous website led by Hadi Partovi that aims to encourage people, particularly school students in the United States, to learn computer science. Mentored students and presented a Keynote on the importance of learning…Continue readingHour Of Code

Ai Choo Ashe

Frances prepared an excellent presentation when she volunteered in my classes on December 7th, 2015 during the Hour of Code Activity. She was professional and her presentation was instructional and entertaining. She provided students with valuable information about the Computer Science field of study and job market. She also provided assistance to students who needed help with the Hour of…Continue readingAi Choo Ashe

Dear Holberton

Why I want to attend Holberton. 📼 Dear Holberton, This challenge is my personal essay, where I tell you why I want to become a software engineer and why I want to attend Holberton School. Why do I want to become a software engineer? When I was in elementary school, my goal was to become a vet.…Continue readingDear Holberton