Hoya Hacks – Life At Home

A mobile user interface for an Android application that allows users to send push notifications containing common household alerts and phrases to the Android devices…

Norfolk.Js Meetup

My first speaking event for a Meetup group! Name Norfolk.js – Norfolk JavaScript Meetup Group Organizer Norfolk.js Meetup Group Location Pierce/McCoy – Norfolk, VA Date…

Built In Norfolk

Badges for when you’re hacking out in Norfolk. A set of SVG badges I created for GitHub repos built/hacked/powered by those in the Norfolk, VA…

Coding Bootcamps

A brief history of how coding bootcamps came to be and where they’re headed.  

Meetup Dice

A simple Node.js application for picking a random RSVP’d member from a Meetup. So for my Norfolk.js Meetup group, they like to give out prizes through…


A list of tech conferences that provide diversity travel grants or scholarships. 🌐 https://github.com/fvcproductions/diversify-me  

Kimberly Logsdon

I want to thank Frances Coronel and Josh for their leadership and guidance beginning my class in the Hour of Code.

VA ACM Slack Invites

Meet with other ACM student members and be updated on the latest announcements to get more involved in the local tech community. 🌐 https://github.com/fvcproductions/slack-invites  

New Epoch, New Exploits 😈

In other words, here are my big plans for this year. epoch noun |ˈepək| – a period of time in history or a person’s life,…

El Capitan == Strict; Yosemite != Strict

Just a quick view on how Yosemite was much less strict than El Capitan when it comes to customization.