School’s Out?

Catching up on happenings for the month. SO MANY HAPPENINGS. 🎓️ SO MUCH GOING ON. ================= It’s pretty crazy. But a good crazy. Regardless, it’s a whole lot. So I’m going to break this news up into three smaller pieces. 1. Graduating from Undergrad I’m finished with school homies! Yeah – TINY RICK! So my official graduation…Continue readingSchool’s Out?

VSGC Student Research Conference

VSGC stands for Virginia Space Grant Consortium. Name VSGC Student Research Conference Organizer Virginia Space Grant Consortium Location NASA Langley Research Center – Hampton, Virginia Date April 11th, 2016 Role STEM Bridge Scholarship Recipient About As part of the STEM Bridge program, scholarship recipients are required to attend an annual research conference at the Langley…Continue readingVSGC Student Research Conference

InNOVAtion Hackathon

My first speaking event at an MLH hackathon! Name InNOVAtion Hackathon Organizer Northern Virginia Community College Location Woodbridge, Virginia Date April 9th, 2016 Role Speaker About First hackathon I spoke at! I spoke about 2 topics: So You Want To Be A Wizard Web Design News Blog Post As a speaker at conferences, Meetups, and most…Continue readingInNOVAtion Hackathon

So You Want To Be A Wizard

What it’s like to be a developer and how you can get started. “So You Want to Be A Wizard” is a beginner friendly talk that gives an overview of what it’s like to be a developer and how you can get started. This presentation covers all your standard wizardry topics, like muggles (the difference…Continue readingSo You Want To Be A Wizard

Fullstack Academy – Awesome Web Dev Tips & Tricks

I created this deck as a resource for other Fullstack Academy students while I was a student there myself. This deck served to aid students ramp up their dev environment while studying at Fullstack Academy. Fullstack Academy – Awesome Web Dev Tips & Tricks from Frances Coronel 1. Making Sublime Sexy Let’s start by installing…Continue readingFullstack Academy – Awesome Web Dev Tips & Tricks

BootcampMe Program

Preparing you before they do. Session 0 – Welcome! Day One sign up for GitHub get a GitHub Client (Tower, GitHub for Mac, etc.) sign up for Codecademy sign up for Code School/Pluralsight sign up for Session 0 Slides – Welcome Originally created April 7th, 2016 to help aspiring bootcamp students become better…Continue readingBootcampMe Program

Angel Riera

Video chatted to give advice on the application process for Fullstack Academy and how to prep. Video Chat 1 – February 10, 2016 Preparing for Fullstack Academy, .5 hours Update 1 – April 8, 2016 I don’t know if you remember me but we Skyped a while ago. You were nice enough to let me…Continue readingAngel Riera