Amazon Alexa Hackathon

Accenture + Amazon host a hackathon. Name Amazon Alexa Hackathon Organizer Amazon + Accenture Location Amazon – SF Office Date Friday, June 30th | 9:00AM – 5:00PM PST Role Speaker, Judge About Our #lovebirds team from Accenture won 3rd place at the Amazon Alexa hackathon for our proposal and demo of an Alexa skill that…Continue readingAmazon Alexa Hackathon

Random Cover Letter Templates

Templates for cover letters I’ve created over the years. I created 5 different cover letter templates for 5 different companies: Braintree, IDEO, Meetup, NBCUniversal, and SeatGeek. I created these while I was in the process of applying for jobs at these places. The cover letters have been sanitized to remove any meaningful personal information. These…Continue readingRandom Cover Letter Templates

Your Everyday Apocalypse

A short story about a zombie apocalypse I never finished. 💀 Your Everyday Apocalypse This was a short story I wrote that I never ended up finishing. I promise it was written way before “The Walking Dead” became mainstream. 😜 On June 18, 2017, a boy named George was born.. Unfortunately, on that very same day, a…Continue readingYour Everyday Apocalypse

Steven Universe – My Favorite Episodes

All are centered on romance. Unless otherwise noted, all images are attributed to the Steven Universe Wikia page. I’m quite a big fan of Steven Universe and the writers have definitely helped me feel as though Steven & Connie have this beautiful and innocent relationship that I get quite envious of. Since I felt like sharing,…Continue readingSteven Universe – My Favorite Episodes

Accenture Liquid Studio

Software Engineer Employer Accenture Liquid Studio Location Redwood City, CA Formally based out of San Francisco, CA Date June 7th, 2017 to May 3rd, 2018 About The Accenture Liquid Studios are designed for rapid application development. They help companies become built for change through new skills, processes, products and ways of working. The Liquid Studios…Continue readingAccenture Liquid Studio


A record of all the college courses and tests I’ve taken from 2007 to 2017. Since having graduated with an MS in CS from Cornell Tech, I’ve taken a total of 89 college-level courses starting from 2010. To provide context, that’s about 30% more than the average master’s student will take, including undergrad courses. Anyways,…Continue readingI AM DONE WITH SCHOOL