New Blog, New Problems

So I’ve got a new blog… 💀 I know what you’re thinking… 💭 What’s with the creepy banner image? 👻 Well, here’s the thing. At the beginning of this year, I decided to say goodbye to WordPress and migrate my blog to something faster and with less restraints (cough static site generators cough) Something like Jekyll. OR…Continue readingNew Blog, New Problems

FVCproductions – Logo Redesign

A new sleek look for my brand. 🍫🍓 So with my past logo, a lot of folks would mistake it for a heart. That was officially a big issue for me so I decided it was time for a brand new logo. Ergo, I’ve redesigned the chocolate dipped strawberry that I love so much. With…Continue readingFVCproductions – Logo Redesign

Pacific Shores Shuttle App

If you work at Pacific Shores, you can figure out when the next shuttle is coming! As part of preparation for an upcoming client project that used the new Angular CLI, I created this very small app that showcases the Pacific Shores Shuttle schedule. Pacific Shores Shuttle If you work at Pacific Shores, you can…Continue readingPacific Shores Shuttle App