Project Alloy Annual Report

My testimonial was featured in Project Alloy’s annual report for 2017 to 2018. 🌐  

Out Of Office Hours

Out of Office Hours aims to create a dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry. Out of Office Hours aims to create a…


The Mid-Atlantic’s JavaScript and full web stack conference! NationJS is the Mid-Atlantic’s JavaScript and Full Stack Web Developers conference. Their program is a full day…

Progressive Web Apps 101

Throughout this course, we will explore the wide array of companies that have already benefited from the many enhancements PWAs offer and I will walk…


A boiler plate for Hugo created with Bulma and optimized with modern workflows and tooling. 🌟️ 🌐  

Valeria Oshiro

Phone call through Out of Office Hours 🌐  

Technovation Judge

Technovation judges support and motivate 20,000 girls from 50+ countries. As an individual judge, I committed to scoring at least five submissions.