Latinas In Tech Silicon Valley Meetup

I was the moderator for a panel celebrating and recognizing Latina engineers. Overview Name: Celebrating Latina Engineers Panel Date: Wednesday, August 29, 3018 Location: Twitter,…

Undisclosed Male

Internships after Fullstack Academy Prefers privacy so removing picture and LinkedIn

Kanad Bahalkar

User research interview on design and development workflow 🌐


Code2040 creates access, awareness, and opportunities for top Black and Latinx engineering talent to ensure their leadership in tech. Code2040 creates access, awareness, and opportunities…

Google Developers Group San Francisco Meetup

Presented on PWAs at the GDG SF Meetup. 📲🌐️ The GDG platform is a membership level within the wider Google Developers Community Groups program and…

University Recruiting Page

Explore, learn, and grow while doing the best work of your life.

Causeascene | CONF – San Francisco

An event without borders designed to be safe space for members of marginalized communities in tech to tell their stories. 🤯️ 🌐  

The Next Chapter

A pilot program aiming to help formerly incarcerated individuals find work and succeed in tech Enter Next Chapter: an initiative that we at Slack, in…