Alternative Programs To A CS Degree

These are all programs that are at least 2 years long and act as alternatives to a typical CS degree. Originally planned for release on April 10th, 2017 but stuff happens. After interviewing with a few of the new and upcoming alternative long-term programs for CS education, I wanted to provide others a brief overview…Continue readingAlternative Programs To A CS Degree

The Latinx Collective: Issue 19

The Latinx Collective is a newsletter written by Elisabeth Rosario that offers a refreshing look at the every day contributions and achievements of Latinx people. 💃🏽️ 🌐 If you’re a Latinx or person of color in the tech space, or you want to break in, you’ll enjoy this Q&A with a Latinx software engineer who…Continue readingThe Latinx Collective: Issue 19

Prateek Kumar

Online call with resume review 🌐  Continue readingPrateek Kumar

RIP WordPress

Alive from July 2013 to September 2018. My old WordPress blog is closing down for good. Bye, bye! 👋🏽️ WordPress Screenshot 1 – Home WordPress Screenshot 2 – About WordPress Screenshot 3 – Adventures WordPress Screenshot 4 – Blog WordPress Screenshot 5 – Portfolio WordPress Screenshot 6 – Services WordPress Screenshot 8 – Testimonials…Continue readingRIP Wordpress

Chris Lanus

Hey Frances, Thanks for the info! My name is Chris Lanus, and while I’m not interested in new opportunities at the moment (I’m happily employed as a front-end developer in Chicago), I just wanted to introduce myself. In particular, I wanted to let you know that when I was researching bootcamps, I ended up finding…Continue readingChris Lanus

Mariela P. Smith

Resume review and career advice 🌐 Testimonial – January 19, 2019 Frances is an exceptional leader, well-rounded engineer and amazing mentor. From public speaking events to guiding you in the right direction she is a delight to work with as a mentor with a breath of knowledge. From the latest technology trends, Frances can point…Continue readingMariela P. Smith

People Of Color In Tech – Interview

Featured on the POCIT blog on my journey in tech. 💬️ 🌐 PeopleOfColorInTech on Twitter New POCIT w/ Frances Coronel [@fvcproductions] , Software Engineer at @SlackHQ “There are going to be times where you need to ask someone for something. And to be clear, you should be asking. A lot! Because if you don’t ask,…Continue readingPeople Of Color In Tech – Interview

JAMstack 2018 Hackathon Application

I created a small static site as part of the JAMstack 2018 hackathon application process. 🔨 🌐 readingJAMstack 2018 Hackathon Application

Lupita Davila

Discussion around career path and resources 🌐 readingLupita Davila