CodeNewbie Podcast – What Are Progressive Web Apps?

What are progressive web apps? And why are they so important? On the 200th episode of CodeNewbie, I break down what progressive web apps are, how they work, and why they make the web more accessible. 🎙️ CodeNewbie features stories from people on their coding journey. Recording was on November 27th, 2018. Released as the 200th…Continue readingCodeNewbie Podcast – What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Simran Kaur Anand

Frances is a great example of a female thriving in technology. She took the time to listen to my interests and provided invaluable advice on how to structure my university career. From her, I learned about the many roles that exist in tech, which ones may fit my interest, and the right time to apply…Continue readingSimran Kaur Anand

JSConf Hawai’i

Awarded a full scholarship to attend JSConf Hawai’i in 2019 🌺 🌐 I was awarded a diversity scholarship to attend JSConf Hawai’i. The scholarship will provide me with an admission ticket to JSConf Hawai’i, hotel costs for three nights and reimbursement of round-trip economy flights up to $800. The conference itself will be February…Continue readingJSConf Hawai’i