Roya Lofti

Tech industry advice 🌐

Go Beyond Resumes Live Episode

#LinkedinLive recording with Tigran Sloyan where we discussed automating the interview process, alternatives to resumes, the college admissions scandal and the importance of pedigree in…

Latinx In The Workplace

Latinx professionals in the entertainment and tech industries, hosted by SOMOS Netflix 🌐 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm PT Twitter On defining Latinx identity –…

Cherri Hartigan

Discussion about career path 🌐

Sentry Open Source Grant

My application for Techqueria ended up being the recipient of the first Sentry Open Source Grant of $10,000. Announcing Winner Congratulations to Sentry’s Open Source…

Matthew Ma

Career and job search guidance 🌐

Coro Northern California’s Fellows Program Selection Day

Serving as a judge to help select the next class of Coro Fellows. 🌐  

Global Competency Development Program (2/4)

I spoke to a group of 20+ employees from Fujitsu about my career path and my thoughts on the high tech industry as part of…

Useful Hugo & Bulma Snippets

A couple of useful Hugo snippets used with the Bulma CSS framework. 🧠   Speaking Engagements <!– Speaking Category –> {{ $speaking := ($.Site.Taxonomies.categories.speaking).Pages }}…

Coro Fellows Tour With Q&A At Slack

Speaking to the Coro Fellow class about my work at Slack. 🌐 I spoke to the Coro Fellow class of 2019 about my work at…