Mindot Tour

Helped organize a second tour at Slack a group of female high school students from Latin America through Mindot. Dear Frances, On behalf of Mindot, I would like to thank you for the visit and panel you had for Mindot’s students. The girls could not stop talking about your amazing work at Slack! It was…Continue readingMindot Tour

Pauly Quintero

Career and job search guidance 🌐 https://www.linkedin.com/in/pauly-quintero/ Mentoring me with ideas, your experience and valuable information about how a person like me: Latin woman and coming from another industry, could be inserted into the competitive Silicon Valley work force.Continue readingPauly Quintero

LatinxAmerica Podcast

LatinxAmerica is focused on highlighting catalysts that are using, leveraging, creating or investing in technology that can positively impact the Latinx community. Experts cover topics ranging from education, health, diversity, and civic engagement to financial stability/wealth creation. Description A self-described unicorn working at a unicorn, Frances shares her personal path into tech. She is a…Continue readingLatinxAmerica Podcast

Episode 2. Anisha Jain

In this episode, I’m talking with Anisha Jain who is currently a student at Make School and an incoming software engineering intern for Lyft. Recording Overview Hello and welcome to the Tech Queens podcast, a podcast focused on featuring stories and advice from women of color in tech. 👑 In this episode, I’m talking with Anisha…Continue readingEpisode 2. Anisha Jain

Amber Sharma

Career and software engineering advice as a fellow bootcamp grad and woman of color 🌐 https://www.linkedin.com/in/apsharma/ 1 hour chat at SlackContinue readingAmber Sharma

Paul Do

Career and job search guidance 🌐 https://www.linkedin.com/in/pauldo-/ 1 hour lunch at SlackContinue readingPaul Do

Enrique Novoa

Career and job search advice 🌐 https://www.linkedin.com/in/enrique-novoa/  Continue readingEnrique Novoa

Codeland 2019 Programming Committee Member

Selected by Saron Yitbarek to help review over 30+ CFPs for CodeNewbie’s flagship conference called Codeland. 🌐 https://codelandconf.com Selected by Saron Yitbarek to help review over 30+ CFPs for CodeNewbie’s flagship conference called Codeland as part of Codeland’s 2019 Programming Committee. Invited February 27 Started reviewing CFPs March 22 Finished reviewing April 1, deadline April 5…Continue readingCodeland 2019 Programming Committee Member