Work At A Startup Expo

Invited by Ryan Choi for the YC Female Founders & Engineers Mixer at the expo 🌐 Was going to check out the pitches but ultimately just decided to come for the mixer.Continue readingWork At A Startup Expo

Coro Youth Fellows

Interview guest for Coro’s Exploring Leadership Youth Program 🌐 This summer, Coro’s Exploring Leadership Youth Program will train 16 bright, motivated Bay Area High School students to be active citizens and leaders in our community. A key component of the program is their introductory group project exploring a community and discovering the “logic” of that…Continue readingCoro Youth Fellows

NPower X WorkWell (Women’s Round Table)

Volunteered my time to mentor a woman through NPower and Workwell Overview 8 Mentors will match up with 8 Mentees After Mentors match up with Mentees they will ask them about where they currently are in the workforce and what interests they have. After the warm intro they will go into Topics of discussion: Overall…Continue readingNPower X WorkWell (Women’s Round Table)

Episode 8. Pia Zaragoza

In this episode, I’m talking with Pia Zaragoza who is a Senior UX Researcher at a large financial institution. 🌐 TABLE OF CONTENTS Recording Pia Zaragoza Mini Takeaways #AppAdvice: What is a useful app or platform that has helped you grow in your career? #LearnThatTerm: What does the term the 5 whys mean to you?…Continue readingEpisode 8. Pia Zaragoza

Latinx Level Up Program

Latest Follow Up I am quoted in the testimonials published on the Strive DE&I Program page. The Kapor Center is piloting a professional development program for 10 Latinx Leaders. I am in the inaugural cohort. Benefits Summer Retreat Lodging Meals Leadership training Access to LTX VIP Ticket 1:1 Virtual Coaching via Check-ins Option to present…Continue readingLatinx Level Up Program

Episode 7. Faith Chikwekwe

In this episode, I’m talking with Faith Chikwekwe who is currently a student studying software engineering at Make School and a teaching assistant for their computer science courses. Recording Faith Chikwekwe Mini Takeaways #AppAdvice: What is a useful app or platform that has helped you grow in your career? Joining LinkedIn is huge because you…Continue readingEpisode 7. Faith Chikwekwe

RevolutionConf 2019

RevolutionConf is a two-day, platform and language agnostic software development conference. 🌐 I will be speaking on PWAs and really being going full-circle here since volunteering for the first RevolutionConf back in 2016. Slides RevolutionConf 2019 – Progressive Web Apps 101 from Frances CoronelContinue readingRevolutionConf 2019

Episode 6. Helena Jaramillo

In this episode, I’m talking with Helena Jaramillo, an Ecuadorian Product Designer currently at Coda. Recording Helena Jaramillo Mini Takeaways #AppAdvice: What is a useful app or platform that has helped you grow in your career? Figma – A better way to design. Design, prototype, and gather feedback all in one place with Figma. #Friendlies: What…Continue readingEpisode 6. Helena Jaramillo

JSConf EU 2019

JSConf EU is the labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community in Europe. 🌐 Image credit to BIPoCiT Representing Slack and also talking on my journey in the tech industry through JSConf’s brand new BIPoCit Space Timetable/speakers BIPoCiT organizers and me Team – After Party @fvcproductions I was touched by your words. I enjoyed your talk at…Continue readingJSConf EU 2019

Being A Unicorn Working For Another Unicorn

In this talk, I’ll walk you through my journey as a woman of color in tech and how I got to where I am today as a software engineer at a high growth unicorn startup. Intro Hello everyone – I’m Frances, a software engineer at Slack on the Customer Acquisition team. First off, I’d like…Continue readingBeing A Unicorn Working For Another Unicorn