Faith Chikwekwe

Frances is a great podcast interviewer and an amazing engineer. She interviewed me for her podcast called Tech Queens. For anyone considering appearing on this podcast, I would definitely recommend going for it. The podcast is about women of color in tech talking about their careers and experiences along the way. I think that it…Continue readingFaith Chikwekwe

Kelley Sharp

Frances has been kind enough to provide me with mentorship as I get started with my career. I have not met anyone as organized with their resources or so quick to offer help so freely. She took the time to sit with me and listen to the kind of work I am looking for when…Continue readingKelley Sharp

Turning Failure Into Fuego

I was the event lead for an event hosted by Slack Earthtones and The Latinx Collective 🔥 🌐 Overview As people of color working in tech, we are surrounded by stories of success, but rarely do we feel comfortable enough sharing our own missteps. At Turning #FailureIntoFuego, we’ll welcome a panel of successful Latinx professionals…Continue readingTurning Failure Into Fuego

OCA SF Professional Development Program

Panelist for career panel on last day for OCA SF Professional Development Program 🌐 OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans OCA-SF is looking for a panelist to attend our Career Panel on the last day of our OCA Professional Development Program.…Continue readingOCA SF Professional Development Program