Conexiรณn y Cultura con Asana

Organized an event for Techqueria in partnership with Asana on finding your community in tech.

My Journey with Coro

This is my journey with Coro from 2018 to 2021, a comprehensive timeline of my milestones with this wonderful org.

Slack Simplified Homepage

We launched a new simplified version of the Slack homepage. You can find a preview of the homepage in the post.

TAPIA Conference Birds of a Feather Session: Hispanics in Computing

I gave a 10-minute presentation on Techqueria at TAPIA Conference 2020. The Hispanics in Computing community was founded a few months before the Tapia 2009…

Slack Interactive Demo Homepage

This homepage leans in on channels, progressively revealing product UIs, and allows visitors to experience an interactive demo.

The Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

I wrote a 16 minute blog post for slack exploring the must-add features Slack uses to build web forms that generate leads for successful deals…

Marqeta Hispanic Heritage Month Opening Event

I attended Marqeta Hispanic Heritage Month Opening event hosted by their ERG HOLA (Hispanic or Latin American employees) as a panelist at their diversity and…

Now Part of Coro Board of Directors

I joined Coro’s board of directors in September after interviewing. Here is an outline of my journey with Coro: June 2018 Applied for WIL program…

Creciendo Juntos โ€” Si Se Puede: ยกRepresentate! One on Ones with Latinx Professionals and Trailblazers

I was a panelist together with other 4 Latinx professionals at the Si Se Puede-Latinx Professionals Panel hosted by Creciendo Juntos.