Slack Immersive Homepage

I helped launch an experiment for a new bold and immersive homepage.

This new version of the homepage takes prospects (people checking out Slack for the first time) through a simple guided tour with the goal of answering their most pressing question β€” “What the heck is Slack?

  • Showcases real-life customer examples tailored to the size of your business
  • Features Slack Connect front and center for all customers
  • With some fun yet subtle animations, it’s an engaging and immersive experience that pushes the limits of what we can do on the web

It rolled out initially as an experiment for users signed out in English on desktop.

Key Technologies Used

Shout Out

Shout out to all the folks who helped β€”Β this was such a huge feat!

  • Drew
  • Zindzi
  • Fayaz
  • Mina
  • Maria
  • Natalie
  • Stuart
  • Omar
  • Schmidt
  • Paul
  • Kyle
Last updated on November 13th, 2022