Panel Discussion: How to be a good ally in the workplace

I was invited by #GetHired Summit to join their panel discussion on “How to be a good ally in the workplace”. Check out the video below! It was so sweet of them to later send me a thank you video afterward and tell me that my panel discussion video was one of the most viewed…Continue readingPanel Discussion: How to be a good ally in the workplace

Bridging the Youth Tech Divide 2020

Bridging the Youth Tech Divide 2020 is a free conference led by SF youth for SF youth, seeking to inspire attendees to explore the potential and possibility of a tech career. We recognize the vast disparities that prevent many youth from seeking out a tech career; including, but not limited to, a lack of diversity,…Continue readingBridging the Youth Tech Divide 2020

STEMin UP Panel

I was at the #STEMingUP Program hosted by hEr VOLUTION as a panelist alongside Ewuraesi Thompson from Shopify, sharing my professional journey to inspire girls age between 14 to 17 to embrace a career in STEM.Continue readingSTEMin UP Panel

Primeros Pasos Event with Lyft

Had a great time at the PrimerosPasos event with Techqueria, Lyft, and Latinas in Tech tonight. We had 200+ Latinx professionals and allies in tech attend. It was the most popular event Techqueria has hosted so far, with almost 1,000 RSVPs and 250+ attendees Check out my LinkedIn post to see a list of our amazing contributers! Here is the event…Continue readingPrimeros Pasos Event with Lyft

Dreamers in Tech Partnership

I helped Techqueria form strategic partnership with Dreamers in Tech, a network comprised of undocumented, DACAmented, allies, and tech enthusiasts committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement: “Dreamers in Tech will act as an initiative that will be officially supported and fiscally sponsored by…Continue readingDreamers in Tech Partnership

Moving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag

Despite efforts, tech firms’ numbers show that they still fall far short. But there are people making change happen in Bay Area business in ways that others can follow. San Francisco Business Times @devcolororg and @Techqueria were interviewed by @SFBusinessTimes on diversity in tech, featured in an article titled Moving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag. Despite…Continue readingMoving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag

Engineering Mentorship at Asana

I had a great time hosting our Techqueria Engineering Mentorship event with Asana in SF! Engineering leaders talked about how they tackled mentorship with a dedicated Q&A session. Featured Presentation:Continue readingEngineering Mentorship at Asana

Jazmin Maravilla

It is so rare to come across someone as talented and passionate about their work and community as Frances. I have been following Frances for a while now and I am constantly inspired and educated by her podcast, Tech Queens, and work at Techqueria. I had the honor to further get to know Frances through…Continue readingJazmin Maravilla

Prateek Kumar

Frances is a sharp and caring person. She approaches problems with a systematic approach and has a keen eye for details. I was impressed with her work ethic and strong voice, and I’m certain she will move up quickly wherever she works.Continue readingPrateek Kumar

Jiaqi Song

Frances is an inspiration that I am proud to call a friend. Her accomplishments in both her profession and her community showed me how it is like to live with passion. Frances has always been very clear about where her true calling lies. Over the course of six years that we have known each other,…Continue readingJiaqi Song