Desiring The Casual

A little poetry never hurt anyone. 🐛 This is a poem wrote back in the day. Come, come insects and birds! Devour and bite, no longer hide. For this day can no longer get any worse With Waldo nowhere in sight Piano playing Impossible. You’re outside. Hiding behind a masquerade, are you? The books tilt,…Continue readingDesiring The Casual

Dog In The Night Time – Poster

Created a poster for an English class in high school. I used Apple pages to create this movie poster for an English class in high school.Continue readingDog In The Night Time – Poster

In Christopher’s Footsteps

I was assigned to write a sort of creative essay from the POV of Christopher (the protagonist who is a 15 year old boy in the novel with an autistic spectrum condition — I’m guessing Aspergers?) for my English class. 👣️ Context So once again, here’s a nice little essay I have for you. This…Continue readingIn Christopher’s Footsteps

Sierra Club

Passively supporting them through recurring donations since 9th grade. 🌐 The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization – with three million members and supporters. Passively supporting them through recurring donations since 9th grade.Continue readingSierra Club

Ghent School

What I did before and during middle school Institution Ghent School Location Norfolk, VA Date 2000 to 2009 Program Elementary & Middle School About From 1st grade to 8th grade, I attended Ghent School. There weren’t many people in my grade so by the time I was ready to graduate, I was REALLY ready to graduate. Activities…Continue readingGhent School

Middle School Poems

Random poems from 2008. ✒️ Trampoline I scream in delight I slip off my shoes For now I have just realized that the fun has arrived the fun has begun jumping all on one piece almost feeling like I couldn’t breathe blood rushing through me a second, a beat I feel the air on my…Continue readingMiddle School Poems