Finalist – HackNY Fellowship Program

Progressed to the final stages of the interview process for the hackNY Fellowship Program. 🌐  Continue readingFinalist – HackNY Fellowship Program

Cornell Tech – Product Studio

How might we create a safe place for people of all backgrounds to discuss important local, national, and global issues? 🔥 Every fall, leading startups, companies, and organizations in NYC pose business challenges to Cornell Tech. In Product Studio, teams develop and present new products, services, and strategies that respond to those challenges. Studio My…Continue readingCornell Tech – Product Studio

Kent Hack Enough

Volunteered and teamed up with my boyfriend to work on a Leap Motion hack that won an award Name Kent Hack Enough 2016 Organizer Kent State University Location Kent State University – Kent, OH Date October 7th to 9th, 2016 Role Volunteer, Participant, Winner About Volunteered for the hardware booth and Foobar (smoothies) and then…Continue readingKent Hack Enough

Quora Writer Recognitions

During 2015 to 2016, I was very active on Quora and got several highlight recognitions. 2016 Most Viewed Writer – Fullstack Academy 2015 Most Viewed Writer – App Academy Most Viewed Writer – Fullstack Academy Most Viewed Writer – General Assembly Most Viewed Writer – MakerSquare Up & Coming Writer – Dev Bootcamp Up &…Continue readingQuora Writer Recognitions


At TreeHacks, everything’s chill but the weather. Name TreeHacks Organizer Stanford University Location Han-Hsun Huang Engineering Center – Stanford University Date February 12th to 14th, 2016 Role Out of State Applicant Scholarship, Travel Grant Recipient Participant Prize Winner About Stanford’s annual hackathon. TreeHacks is Stanford University’s official national hackathon. This year, they brought in over…Continue readingTreeHacks

10,000 Small Businesses Student Challenge Winner

Invited by Goldman Sachs to come up with an innovative solution to one of three business challenges. Goldman Sachs | 10,000 Small Businesses Student Challenge Winner Highlights 1 of 9 finalists from 80+ applicants winner for BrooklynCupcake company challenge out of 3 competitors awarded a first-round interview with Goldman Sachs, a spot in a Cornerstone event,…Continue reading10,000 Small Businesses Student Challenge Winner

Stardust – Book Review

People can go through great lengths for ‘true love’. ⭐ Neil Gaiman’s Stardust People can go through great lengths for “true love“. What may be breath of air, or rather Stardust, as he weaves this enchanting fantasy about a young man named Tristan who decides to retrieve a fallen star for his beloved. Prematurely it seems everything…Continue readingStardust – Book Review

Desiring The Casual

A little poetry never hurt anyone. 🐛 This is a poem wrote back in the day. Come, come insects and birds! Devour and bite, no longer hide. For this day can no longer get any worse With Waldo nowhere in sight Piano playing Impossible. You’re outside. Hiding behind a masquerade, are you? The books tilt,…Continue readingDesiring The Casual

Ghent School

What I did before and during middle school Institution Ghent School Location Norfolk, VA Date 2000 to 2009 Program Elementary & Middle School About From 1st grade to 8th grade, I attended Ghent School. There weren’t many people in my grade so by the time I was ready to graduate, I was REALLY ready to graduate. Activities…Continue readingGhent School