Girls Who Code Club Talk

Gave a 30-minute talk to two classes of girls at a public school in Newport News, VA to inspire them to pursue computer science and serve as a role model.

Coro Exploring Leadership Selection Day

Volunteered as a judge for the 2022 Selection Day for the Coro Northern California Exploring Leadership program.

Coro NorCal SelectionΒ Day 2022

I volunteered as a Selection Day Judge for the Coro Northern California Fellowship in Public Affairs to help select the next class.

Coro Fellows Mock Interviews

Volunteered as a mock interviewer and provided Coro Fellows with practice interviewing for a position virtually.

QCO Tech Conference Diversity Panel

Invited to discuss my experience of diversity in tech alongside other industry professionals for a Google Student Developer Club conference.

Coro Fellows Leader Interview

Invited to give a leadership interview for the 2022 Coro Northern California Public Policy Fellows.

Coro Northern California Selection Day 2021

I helped select the 74th Class of Coro Fellows in Public Affairs for Northern California by volunteering as a judge for the annual Selection Day.

Now Part of Coro Board of Directors

I joined Coro’s board of directors in September after interviewing. Here is an outline of my journey with Coro: June 2018 Applied for WIL program…

Code Nation Bay Area Leadership Council

I joined Code Nation as an official member of its Bay Area Leadership Council. Code Nation is a 501c3 nonprofit that equips students in under-resourced…

Fuego ERG Co-Lead @Slack

I am now co-leading Slack’s second-ever Community Incubator Group, Fuego! Fuego is Slack’s new employee group that will strive to provide visibility, community, and a…