Zero State Dashboard

Helping reduce customer churn by creating a more useful first-time dashboard experience for a new client at Byteboard.

Pre-Interview Comms & Interview Hub Revamp

Developed a complete refresh to the candidate pre-interview experience for Byteboard.

Frances Coronel LLC Design System

The design system I’m using to power this website and create a consistent experience for folks visiting my little corner of the web. 💛

Client Platform Candidate Actions

Helped update Byteboard’s client platform to allow for self-serve actions on candidates and increase visibility.

ONWARD: A framework for maintaining maintainers

My ONWARD value framework for open source maintainers was published through GitHub’s README Project.

Skills Report Redesign

I redesigned the Skills Report which is a crucial Byteboard artifact used by clients to make decisions about their candidates.

Salesforce Day 1 Web Campaign

I led members of my team to launch a number of different web updates for Day One of the Salesforce acquisition of Slack. Webinar Form Registration

I was tasked with revamping the webinar form registration flow on This was my last project at Slack.

New Events Platform for Techqueria

Helped launch a new events platform for Techqueria in collaboration with the WordPress Special Projects team using The Events Calendar plugin.

Customer Acquisition Team Onsite

Awarded a spot bonus for coordinating a team onsite for my team after the pandemic prevented us from seeing us each other since March 2020.