Native App Slack Homepage Update

Launched Slack’s new homepage for mobile pages that focuses on native app downloadsContinue readingNative App Slack Homepage Update

Simplified Slack Homepage Update

New simplified version of the Slack homepageContinue readingSimplified Slack Homepage Update

Launched New Homepage for Prospects

Latest update — We launched mobile version of Hompage across all locales Marketing Data Spotlight! We tested and launched a new homepage for Slack prospects!Open the new homepage link in an incognito window to check out the improved user experience!  Performance highlightsThe tests performed significantly stronger for engagement on contact sales form submissions and page link CTAsImpact…Continue readingLaunched New Homepage for Prospects

The Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

I wrote a 16 minute blog post for slack exploring the must-add features Slack uses to build web forms that generate leads for successful deals and reflect on the impact they’ve had. Latest update: My post received 2,846 views from September 4 to October 3 and was the #3 most viewed page and was later…Continue readingThe Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

New Enterprise Page

I redesigned the enterprise page and launched it across all locales. It establishes parity between our site, sales cycle, customer success, and various prospect/customer touch points.Continue readingNew Enterprise Page

Dreamers in Tech Partnership

I helped Techqueria form strategic partnership with Dreamers in Tech, a network comprised of undocumented, DACAmented, allies, and tech enthusiasts committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement: “Dreamers in Tech will act as an initiative that will be officially supported and fiscally sponsored by…Continue readingDreamers in Tech Partnership

Apprenticeships.Me – Revamped Design

Find a new career learning from the industry itself. 🌐 https://apprenticeships.meContinue readingApprenticeships.Me – Revamped Design

Experimenting With Gatsby

I took a few hours to experiment with Gatsby today to build out my boyfriend’s website. 🌐 https://noltron000.netlify.comContinue readingExperimenting With Gatsby

LinkedIn Pro Finder

Selected as a ProFinder on LinkedIn. ProFinder helps you hire top local freelancers 🌐  Continue readingLinkedIn Pro Finder

JAMstack 2018 Hackathon Application

I created a small static site as part of the JAMstack 2018 hackathon application process. 🔨 🌐 readingJAMstack 2018 Hackathon Application