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Find a new career learning from the industry itself. 🌐

Experimenting With Gatsby

I took a few hours to experiment with Gatsby today to build out my boyfriend’s website. 🌐 Contact Sales Form

Lead developer and maintainer for the Contact Sales form which is one of the largest drivers of lead generation on

LinkedIn Pro Finder

Selected as a ProFinder on LinkedIn. ProFinder helps you hire top local freelancers 🌐  

JAMstack 2018 Hackathon Application

I created a small static site as part of the JAMstack 2018 hackathon application process. πŸ”¨ 🌐

University Recruiting Page

Explore, learn, and grow while doing the best work of your life.

Breaking Into Tech

Targeted at those interested in breaking into the tech industry, this presentation covers my career path to becoming a software engineer, moments of resilience and…

Girl Develop It

Member, Speaker, Volunteer (TA), Open Source Developer June 2018 Joined Slack workspace Women in Open Source Panel July 2018 Invited to be an admin for…

Progressive Web Apps 101

Throughout this course, we will explore the wide array of companies that have already benefited from the many enhancements PWAs offer and I will walk…


A boiler plate for Hugo created with Bulma and optimized with modern workflows and tooling. 🌟️ 🌐