Consent Updates on Forms

Developed a resusable component to capture user’s consent across all forms on, starting with the Contact Sales form.

Techqueria’s Job Board

We wanted to make it easier for job seekers in our community to find their next opportunity.

Slack Immersive Homepage

I helped launch an experiment for a new bold and immersive homepage.

Refreshed Downloads Experience on

I helped release new download pages for Slack apps on Mac, Windows & Linux across all languages and viewports via

Slack Native App Homepage

Launched Slack’s new homepage for mobile pages focusing on native app downloads.

ConexiΓ³n y Cultura con Asana

Organized an event for Techqueria in partnership with Asana on finding your community in tech.

Slack Simplified Homepage

We launched a new simplified version of the Slack homepage. You can find a preview of the homepage in the post.

Slack Interactive Demo Homepage

This homepage leans in on channels, progressively revealing product UIs, and allows visitors to experience an interactive demo.

The Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

I wrote a 16 minute blog post for slack exploring the must-add features Slack uses to build web forms that generate leads for successful deals…

New Enterprise Page

I redesigned the enterprise page and launched it across all locales. It establishes parity between our site, sales cycle, customer success, and various prospect/customer touch points.