Fullstack Academy

Ambassador Employer Fullstack Academy Location New York City, NY Date December 14, 2016 to June 4th, 2018 Role Ambassador (Part-Time) About Fullstack Academy’s flagship program is a full-time accelerated bootcamp for software engineering. Named “Best Coding Bootcamp” in the country by SkilledUp, a leading tech-education publication. Y Combinator backed. In January 2016, Fullstack Academy launched…Continue readingFullstack Academy


My custom start script for new laptops – Materialized! If you're in need of some cool dotfiles inspired by @google @materialdesign, I've published mine on @github🎨🎉🖌️ https://t.co/zpye8PLuNl pic.twitter.com/O10V4aGo2q — Frances Coronel (@fvcproductions) November 5, 2017 https://github.com/fvcproductions/dotfilesContinue readingDotfiles

Chrome Theme – Materialize

My custom Chrome theme – Materialized! A minimal Material Design inspired theme. Primary color is the lovely Oxford Blue. Feel free to apply this theme through ThemeBeta (link below)! https://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/856926  Continue readingChrome Theme – Materialize

Women Who Code Hackathon

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. 📎️View slides My lovely hackathon team! Name Women Who Code Silicon Valley Hackathon 2017 Location Paypal Town Hall – San Jose, CA Date October 21st – 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Role Participant, Honorable Mention About https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-who-code-silicon-valley-hackathon-2017-tickets-37983282019 The…Continue readingWomen Who Code Hackathon

FVCproductions – Logo Redesign

A new sleek look for my brand. 🍫🍓 So with my past logo, a lot of folks would mistake it for a heart. That was officially a big issue for me so I decided it was time for a brand new logo. Ergo, I’ve redesigned the chocolate dipped strawberry that I love so much. With…Continue readingFVCproductions – Logo Redesign

Pacific Shores Shuttle App

If you work at Pacific Shores, you can figure out when the next shuttle is coming! As part of preparation for an upcoming client project that used the new Angular CLI, I created this very small app that showcases the Pacific Shores Shuttle schedule. Pacific Shores Shuttle If you work at Pacific Shores, you can…Continue readingPacific Shores Shuttle App

Twemoji Tutorial

Triggered a new release of twemoji due to a bug report. This CodePen was created as part of this GitHub issue I opened for the popular emoji library twemoji that triggered a new release of twemoji due to lack of browser compatibility. It’s one of only 8 bugs reported in the project’s issue tracker which is pretty cool! GitHub…Continue readingTwemoji Tutorial

TED 2023 – Entrance Shot

A higher res version of the entrance shot for the infamous TED 2023 video. I couldn’t find any high-quality images of this shot so I used Apple Keynote to create this. Also, I’m low key super obsessed with this video. Weyland Industries is my DREAM company which probs says a lot of bad stuff about…Continue readingTED 2023 – Entrance Shot

Random Cover Letter Templates

Templates for cover letters I’ve created over the years. I created 5 different cover letter templates for 5 different companies: Braintree, IDEO, Meetup, NBCUniversal, and SeatGeek. I created these while I was in the process of applying for jobs at these places. The cover letters have been sanitized to remove any meaningful personal information. These…Continue readingRandom Cover Letter Templates


Apprenticeships to the rescue! 🌐 https://apprenticeships.fvcproductions.com https://github.com/fvcproductions/apprenticeshipsContinue readingApprenticeships