Kimberly Logsdon

I want to thank Frances Coronel and Josh for their leadership and guidance beginning my class in the Hour of Code. I was timid in that I have very little knowledge and did not want to turn my students off to this concept by confusing them. They did quite the opposite! The students have been excited…Continue readingKimberly Logsdon

Alex Bradshaw

🌐 I signed my Sedgefield Elementary School classes up for “The Hour of Code” this past December 2015. Ms. Coronel was one of the volunteers I could choose to invite to do a presentation to my 3rd-grade students. She eagerly accepted my invite and planned with me what Newport News Public Schools wants our students…Continue readingAlex Bradshaw

Kelli White

🌐 The class and I would like to thank you and your team for an amazing CODEing experience. Your presentation was enlightening, and your help was appreciated. To say the kids were excited is an understatement, they were “electrified!”. They couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was and now that I have a teacher dashboard I can…Continue readingKelli White

Ai Choo Ashe

Frances prepared an excellent presentation when she volunteered in my classes on December 7th, 2015 during the Hour of Code Activity. She was professional and her presentation was instructional and entertaining. She provided students with valuable information about the Computer Science field of study and job market. She also provided assistance to students who needed help with the Hour of…Continue readingAi Choo Ashe

Mike Jonas

Email with coding bootcamp interview advice to prep for Hack Reactor Update: April 7th, 2016 Hey, I emailed you a few months ago asking for some coding bootcamp interview advice. I ended up getting accepted into Hack Reactor! I’m on my 5th week and have been having an amazing experience. A fellow classmate noticed today that we…Continue readingMike Jonas

Andre Smith

🌐 When I first saw the type of work FVCproductions was doing, I was immediately convinced I had found my designer. The work was bold, professional and clean. The style was just the theme I wanted to build my new site around. She was patient and capable, listening to what I wanted and began to bring my…Continue readingAndre Smith