My Corgis

I’m a Corgi mom to Luna & Sueño. Luna was born 11/20/2020 and Sueno was born 04/01/2021. They bring me a lot of joy! 🐾

Being a dog mom is a huge part of my identity

This page is dedicated to my two Corgis, Luna & Sueño who provide a lot of joy in my life!

You can also find them on IG @latinxcorgi.

Photo credit for the featured image goes to Genny Davila.

Luna was born November 20, 2020. My partner and I picked her up in North Carolina when she was 8 weeks old. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Sueño was born on April 1, 2021. My siblings, partner, and I picked him up in Missouri when he was 11 weeks old. He is an Auggie — 60% Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 40% Australian Shepherd.

Luna is a very sweet girl and loves to socialize with both dogs and humans. She can schmooze up to pretty much anybody successfully.

Sueño is a natural athlete and is obssessed with playing fetch. He can exercise for a long time without breaking a sweat. He loves to yodel.

Luna rests in very fun positions and can be lazy when she feels like it. Not as fast as a runner as Sueño, she makes up for it by being incredibly easy to train and cute in her own sassy way.

Sueño is still learning to be a good boy when it comes to resource guarding around other dogs but makes up for it by being an excellent cuddler and being popular with the kids.

What Luna & Sueño have in common

  • Both have received their Canine Good Citizen certification from the AKC
  • Both can swim in the water
  • Both love chewing ice
  • Both can be loud (LOL)
  • Both shed a ton