Free Mentoring Call for Black & Latinx Women Software Engineers 👩🏽‍💻


I’ll use our time together to share advice on achieving your software engineering career goals and answer any questions you may have.



Limited Availability

These free 30-minute mentoring calls for software engineers who identify as Black & Latinx women software engineers are offered at my discretion and may not always be available.

Whether you’re considering a coding bootcamp or you’re already a software engineer and want a second opinion, I’m happy to provide advice based on my 6+ years of experience working at high-growth SaaS companies. 👩🏽‍💻

I’ve advised on topics like differentiating yourself during the job search, providing advice on your resume, setting yourself up for success during promotion cycles, self-advocacy, avoiding glue work as a woman engineer, breaking into the tech industry with a nontraditional background, and getting started in open source. You can look at my mentoring page for ideas about other topics I’ve mentored on. 🎓

I have mentored others through formal programs and on my own since 2016. I’ve clocked in over 200 hours mentoring others since then, most of which happened through recurring 30-minute weekly sessions. 💬

In return, you must (1) provide a short one to two-sentence LinkedIn recommendation if you get value from our session and (2) arrive within five minutes of the start time. ⏰

Excited to support you on your journey! 💛


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