Salesforce Day 1 Web Campaign

I led members of my team to launch a number of different web updates for Day One of the Salesforce acquisition of Slack.

Slack Immersive Homepage

I helped launch an experiment for a new bold and immersive homepage.

Personal Branding 101 Workshop

I organized a personal branding workshop for members of Slack’s Earthtones ERG. Earthtones is the ERG for people of color at Slack.

Global Competency Development Program (4/4)

I spoke to a group of 20+ employees from Fujitsu about my career path and my thoughts on the high tech industry as part of their Global Competency Development Program. Partner Referral Form

Launched a referral form for authorized partners of Slack to increase qualified sales. Contact Sales Form

Lead developer and maintainer for the Contact Sales form which is one of the largest drivers of lead generation on