Salesforce Day 1 Web Campaign

I led members of my team to launch a number of different web updates for Day One of the Salesforce acquisition of Slack.

5 Job Interview Questions Slack Asks Software Engineers

My insights into software engineering interviews at Slack were featured in an article published by Built In.

Customer Acquisition Team Onsite

Awarded a spot bonus for coordinating a team onsite for my team after the pandemic prevented us from seeing us each other since March 2020.

Slack Immersive Homepage

I helped launch an experiment for a new bold and immersive homepage.

Refreshed Downloads Experience on

I helped release new download pages for Slack apps on Mac, Windows & Linux across all languages and viewports via

Personal Branding 101 Workshop

I organized a personal branding workshop for members of Slack’s Earthtones ERG. Earthtones is the ERG for people of color at Slack.

Global Competency Development Program (4/4)

I spoke to a group of 20+ employees from Fujitsu about my career path and my thoughts on the high tech industry as part of their Global Competency Development Program. Partner Referral Form

Launched a referral form for authorized partners of Slack to increase qualified sales.

Turning Failure Into Fuego

I was the event lead for an event hosted by Slack Earthtones and The Latinx Collective. 🔥 Contact Sales Form

Lead developer and maintainer for the Contact Sales form which is one of the largest drivers of lead generation on