Asana Case Study on Techqueria

Participated in case study on how Techqueria builds social capital for Latinx in Tech using Asana to scale efforts.

New Events Platform for Techqueria

Helped launch a new events platform for Techqueria in collaboration with the WordPress Special Projects team using The Events Calendar plugin.

Latinas From The Block To The Boardroom

The tipping point of tech to hide behind the “pipeline issue” is over with social justice.

Raise for Good Nonprofit Bootcamp

I participated in an 8-week program for growth-stage nonprofit leaders, with a focus on women and people of color, designed to close opportunity gaps in resources, community and skills, and accelerate growth.

Techqueria’s Job Board

We wanted to make it easier for job seekers in our community to find their next opportunity.

Asana Learning Talk

Asana learning talk highlights messages from members about how Techqueria has helped them with their professional paths.

Conexión y Cultura con Asana

Organized an event for Techqueria in partnership with Asana on finding your community in tech.

Engineering Mentorship at Asana

While leading Techqueria’s SF chapter, I helped organize an event in partnership with Asana focused on mentorship as a software engineer.