Skills Report Redesign

I redesigned the Skills Report which is a crucial Byteboard artifact used by clients to make decisions about their candidates.

What is TypeScript?

I had a blog post published through freeCodeCamp that was consolidated from my past open-source contributions.

Scenic City Summit

One-day technology conference presented by Red Hat, and a program of ChaTech, the Chattanooga Technology Council. πŸ—» Scenic City SummitΒ is a one-day technology conference presented…

Beer City Code

Beer City Code is an annual conference for software developers held in Grand Rapids, MI, also known as Beer City, USA. 🍻 Name Beer City…

WE Rise Tech Conference

We RISE is all about growing and showcasing women in technology.

Women Who Code CONNECT

I was selected to be a speaker at CONNECT 2018, an annual conference organized by Women Who Code that brings together speakers from around the world to share their stories and expertise about technology.

TSConf 2018

The first conference ever focused completely on TypeScript! Not 100% sure which company sponsored my scholarship but thank you @TypeScriptConf for supporting such…

Accenture – Liquid Studio Session

The Liquid Studio strives to make time to share knowledge by hosting Studio Sessions. At Studio Sessions, a Liquid Studio resident shares a presentation, usually…

TypeScript 101

A brief class that introduces the benefits TypeScript provides to large scale projects. Abstract This class aims to introduce the benefits TypeScript provides to large-scale…