Growth Marketing Manager, Slack

The Fuego leads have shown dedication, leadership, and have built a sense of belonging to our Latinx community at Slack. I am so proud to work along side these individuals and feel inspired by them.

They have driven the Fuego incubator group throughout FY21 and have driven the following for our members:

1. Increase the visibility and sense of belonging of our Fuego members within Slack

Provided opportunities throughout the year to come together as group and celebrate our community. An examples: Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month (drove events throughout the month which included cooking classes, fitness classes, cocktail making, lunch get together, etc). This group drove the biggest Latinx & Hispanic celebrations Slack has had to date with 12 different events our members/allies could join.

2. Level up the careers of our Fuego members

The leads have been able to provide opportunities to help level up members in our community.

An upcoming example: Speaking Skills Workshop. This opportunity is a day long event which will help our members learn how to speak more clearly, be a more engaged, and present in a more clear way.

3. Increase external awareness of the Fuego ERG to the wider Latinx in tech community

We were able to create our Fuego brand this year with some folks on the creative team.

We were also able to showcase some our members during Latinx & Hispanic on Slack’s Linkedin page. Our top Linkedin post was of one of our leads, Jennifer Paiste, and had 25k organic impressions (source: Linkedin Advertising Platform). All of our members posts had over 10k organic impressions (source: Linkedin Advertising Platform).

February 3, 2022

I remember back when conversations looked like “Should we apply to be an ERG? Who wants to be the lead? How often should we meet?” and you stepped up every time. Remember, when Fuego wasn’t even named Fuego?! I don’t even remember what it was anymore.

It does take a lot of work and you did a lot of behind the scenes work that needed to be done to set Fuego up for success.

You have been a crucial part of this comunidad. From the applying Fuego to be an ERG, to bringing it to life with the leads team, to structuring it on what it is today.

You played a huge role. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Gracias por todo.