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You can schedule a time to chat with me using my Calendly.

I charge for these sessions to ensure we both get value out of the session and to avoid no-shows.

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For speaking engagements, I require an honorarium. The rate will really depend on the amount of time I will have to dedicate to it. Panels are generally low-lift while presentations that require slides and more preparation are generally high-lift.

Having said that, I am okay with negotiating on the honorarium for community-driven or non-profit events.

You can find my bio and headshot photo on my about page.

You can find all the events I’ve spoken at my speaking page and a sampling of the different types of talks I’ve given on my talks page.

If you are interested in inviting me to speak, please use the contact form and feel free to touch on the points below.

  • What are the topics to be covered in the talk?
  • What does the audience makeup look like?
  • What is the expected number of attendees for my talk or the event overall?
  • What is the budget for honorariums?
  • What is the budget for travel/hotel?

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