Hola, I’m Frances! 👋🏽💛️💻

I’m a senior software engineer, a professional speaker, a fierce advocate for diversity in tech, and a Corgi mom to Luna & Sueño.

About Me

I’m currently a senior software engineer at Byteboard, where we’re building an interview that finally assesses for ability, not access and privilege.

I previously worked as a software engineer specializing in UI development and lead generation on the Customer Acquisition Team at Slack.

I have been working professionally as a developer since 2015 and hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

I currently reside in Inglewood with my partner and two Corgis, Luna & Sueño.

Photo credits: Genny Davila
SF Business Times
ABC7 News

Spoken For

Unidos US
LTX Fest
Google DevFest

Latest updates

August 2022 Update: I have 60+ posts I haven’t published yet. Hoping to add them in soon!


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