Hola, I’m Frances! 👋🏽💛️💻

I’m a senior software engineer, a professional speaker, a fierce advocate for diversity in tech, and a Corgi mom to Luna & Sueño.


I’m currently a senior software engineer at Byteboard, where we’re building an interview that finally assesses for ability, not access and privilege.

I previously worked as a software engineer specializing in UI development and lead generation on the Customer Acquisition Team at Slack.

I have been working professionally as a developer since 2015 and hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

I currently reside in Inglewood with my partner and two Corgis, Luna & Sueño.

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Spoken For

Unidos US
LTX Fest
Google DevFest


I’ve invested over 100 hours in tutoring people of all ages — elementary school to adulthood — on how to get started in the tech field. I’ve taught and mentored others through external organizations trying to enact change in the tech industry, like Springboard, General Assembly, Thinkful, and The Next Chapter.

Jazmin Maravilla
Jazmin Maravilla

Frances shared with me her unique perspective and thoughtful insights as I enter the tech world.

Her willingness to share knowledge and commitment to inclusion is truly awe inspiring.

prateek kumar
Prateek Kumar

Approaches problems with a systematic approach and has a keen eye for details.

I was impressed with her work ethic and strong voice, and I’m certain she will move up quickly wherever she works.

Jiaqi Song
Jiaqi Song

What I value most about Frances is her willingness to share knowledge with fellow students and professionals.

She is dedicated to not only her own success but also helping people around to achieve their goals.

Faith Chikwekwe
Faith Chikwekwe

Frances is a great podcast interviewer and an amazing engineer.

Since Frances is a woman of color in tech who I look up to, I was honored and excited to be featured on the podcast.

Latest updates

June 2022 Update: I have ~60 posts/updates in Notion I haven’t published here yet. I’m still debating on whether to stick with WordPress due to its maturity and ecosystem or migrate everything over to a Next.js site with Notion as the new CMS so I have more flexibility over everything. Either way, hopefully, more to come by the end of this year! 🤔


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