I provide mentoring calls for aspiring software engineers, early-stage startup founders, Latinx professionals in tech and more.

Hi there! 👋🏽

I’m so glad you’re interested in getting mentored by me.

I limit these calls to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) folks in tech to pay it forward to the community I want to support the most.

Below is a brief overview of what to expect in a 1:1 mentoring call with me.

Feel free to contact me if you want to reach out about other opportunities (e.g., speaking, website development, blogging, user research interviews, etc.).

What can you ask me?

You can talk to me about anything you’re interested in learning more about.

I’m excited to provide you with advice and help out however I can.

Below are examples of topics I’ve talked with folks about before:

  • Software engineering career advice and resources
    • Differentiating yourself
    • Setting yourself up for success during promotion cycles
    • Self-advocacy
    • Avoiding glue work as a woman engineer
    • Breaking into the tech industry with a non-tech background as a software engineering bootcamp grad
    • How to get started in open source
  • Diversity and inclusion in tech
    • recruiting strategies for hiring underrepresented groups
    • Latinx ERG advice and resources
  • Latinx in tech
    • the importance of hiring more Latinx in tech
    • the current state of Latinx in tech
    • my leadership work with Techqueria, the largest global community of Latinx professionals in tech
  • Frontend web development
    • TypeScript, Progressive Web Apps, Static Site Generators, Web Performance, Internationalization vs. Localization, Accessibility

My asks for you

  • show up on time for our call ⏰
  • share any questions or topics of discussion you can think of before our call so we can make the most of our time together 💬
  • paying me for my time and experience 💰

Book a mentoring session

Book a call by purchasing the call, and then I’ll send over a link where you can choose a time.

30-Minute Mentoring Call for BIPOC Folks in Tech


I’ll share advice on achieving your software engineering career goals and answer any questions you may have.

Can’t afford to pay?

I completely understand you may not be in a position to pay for a 1:1 call right now.

What I can offer you instead is the ability to ask me any specific questions through GitHub.

Recent testimonials

You can find more testimonials on my LinkedIn profile, but I’ll migrate them one day. 😂

Jazmin Maravilla

It is so rare to come across someone as talented and passionate about their work and community as Frances.

Prateek Kumar

Frances is a sharp and caring person. She approaches problems with a systematic approach and has a keen eye for details.

Jiaqi Song

Her accomplishments in both her profession and her community showed me how it is like to live with passion.

Faith Chikwekwe

Frances is a great podcast interviewer and an amazing engineer. She interviewed me for her podcast called Tech Queens.

Kelley Sharp

Her input on my resume was fresh and insightful – it has improved the way I communicate my worth as a candidate greatly.

Simran Kaur Anand

Her advice will stick with me throughout my career and she is definitely someone I will continue to look up to!


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Happy with our call?

I’m so glad! 💛

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