Customer Acquisition Team Onsite

Awarded a spot bonus for coordinating a team onsite for my team after the pandemic prevented us from seeing us each other since March 2020.

Here's an overview as described by my manager:

The Customer Acquisition Engineering team had their first hybrid IC-driven "onsite" on Nov 10, 2021 at the Salesforce Tower and Frances Coronel was responsible for coordinating the entire event.

She worked with the team to identify themes for the event - Standards, Tooling, Communication, Culture and The Future.

Within each theme, she outlined topics and setup 30-minute breakout sessions for each topic.

She made sure the entire team was actively contributing to the breakout sessions, assigning roles within each group Facilitator, Note Taker, Presenter.

She created a doc template for each session so the teams could jot down notes & takeaways.

All of the notes from the event can be found on Quip.

She also created a set of slides for the event that did a great job setting the stage for how the day would run from an agenda standpoint.

On top of all that, she setup the catered breakfast & lunch, coordinated the meeting room reservation and even ordered swag for the team — pins, t-shirts and coasters.

Overall, the event was a big success — many folks from the team stated it was the best "onsite" they've attended — and Frances Coronel did it all!





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