Migrating Behance Projects

Centralizing my work even further. 👣

I’ve been using Behance since March 11, 2014.

And it’s been 4 great years but it’s time to say goodbye.By March of 2018, I aim to have all my projects hosted on Behance migrated to this website.The reason being is that I’ve started to recognize that having my website as my central hub for everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) is so much more effective than having all these different networks scattered around everywhere.My ultimate goal in having a portfolio does not entail having all these eyes looking at my work and not engaging.I want engagement and I want feedback for my work but not once on Behance has someone told me anything helpful besides “good work” or something similar - which is great, don’t get me wrong, but that can easily be communicated through Disqus, the commenting platform I use for this site.So Behance, you’re an amazing platform but it’s not working out and I wish you the best.

Here’s a token of my appreciation for all the precious time we’ve spent together.

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