Primera Vista Diversity in Tech Panel

Held a workshop on diversity in tech for underrepresented students.

I was invited to be a panelist for a workshop in the Primera Vista program, and here is the invitation.

Hello again, I recently reached out the past week asking if anyone wanted to be a panelist for a workshop I was hosting for students in my program, Primera Vista.

I am asking if anyone would be willing to hold a workshop specifically for Diversity in Tech and its topics.

As a quick overview, one of my friends and I created the Primera Vista program to bridge underrepresented students to the world of tech.

The workshop is only for an hour.

Here's a rough outline of what I covered:

  • introduction to myself
  • why I decided to study CS
  • my journey in CS education
  • my current career and future aspirations
  • Q&A

Throughout the discussion, I'll touch on critical struggles, how I overcame them, accomplishments I'm proud of, and advice I wish I had gotten.

Target Audience: first-generation minority high school students

Goal: help the audience understand what it's like to work in tech after studying computer science as an underrepresented minority (Latina) software engineer

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