Techqueria's Job Board

We wanted to make it easier for job seekers in our community to find their next opportunity.

With our new job board, members will be able to more easily find the role that will help them make their mark. New job posts will automatically pipe to #jobs as well.

The new job board generated a new source of passive revenue contributing to Techqueria’s overall budget as a nonprofit.

Companies can sign up through the new website, choose the appropriate package, and post their job postings accordingly.

This allowed the team to remain lean and focus on increasing programming and less on revenue streams that involved a lot of manual work.

My Role

I worked closely with the WordPress Special Projects team to make this job board come to life as part of a larger project to completely revamp Techqueria's website.

I previously maintained the website on GitHub as an open source static site using Hugo.

With the help of the special projects team, we were able to migrate all our content to WordPress and develop new advanced features that were accessible to non-technical folks which was something that was holding back our previous website.

I designed the job board icons, managed Slack channel integration and communications with the rest of the community when launching and also setup the Airtable resume bank.

We relied heavily on the plugin WP Job Manager, a lightweight, open source job board plugin for WordPress.

I managed the majority of support requests via email when this first launched and wrote out multiple FAQ pages to capture the most frequently answered questions.

Overarching goal with all my work was to make it as intuitive as possible and well documented enough so that anyone with a non-technical background could take it over and add onto it.


We officially launched this job board on May 3, 2021.

As of August 2, 2021 we’ve gotten ~700 page views on our job board within the last 28 days. Each job post is on average receiving at least 10 unique clicks.

As of September 13, 2021, we have over 3,670 candidates.


  • no-code resume bank with Airtable
  • FAQ for employers and candidates
  • ability for employers to post a job through various job packages
  • ability for employers to re-list expired jobs and view stats of jobs listed
  • abiulity for candidates to submit resume
  • ability for candidates to save a search and set up notifications

Slack Announcement

Website Preview

Slack Updates

Examples in Slack #jobs

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