Middle School Poems

Random poems from 2008. ✒️


I scream in delight
I slip off my shoes
For now I have just realized
that the fun has arrived
the fun has begun
jumping all on one piece
almost feeling like I couldn't breathe
blood rushing through me
a second, a beat
I feel the air on my face
My hair in the sky
Free as free as it can be
That's what you feel
When you are on
A trampoline


What's the rush?
What's the hurry?
We don't have to take it now
So please
Yes pretty please
We still have the right to study
Don't we?
Yes, we do!
So don't make us take the quiz now
So please
What's the rush?
What's the hurry?
You can give me
such an ache
oh yes I swear
In a minute or so
I will have to go
Yes, I really have to go
Yes, I really have to go!
Oh god no!

The Test

Sitting down
in a room with twenty,
chewing at the end of my pencil
thinking really hard
I am worried
even glancing at my watch
might waste my time
The teacher eyes me
asking me to rush
I feel as thought I need to rest
yet before the clock strikes for my lunch
I have finished my test

Mr. Shakespeare

Kill me

for at least then
will I be able to
touch thee

for at least then
thee will come
and come for me

for at least then
thee would have
reason to care

for at least then
my heart will
stop beating

because at least then
you will be alive and
I will be dead

Touch me.


Sacred I am
Humble I be

Opportunities around me are free

The world is great
and so are we

I am

you Shall
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