Duolingo Delights

Surprise yourself with Delights. Learn the language, explore the culture. 🎁

As part of the interview process for Duolingo, I created this slide deck for a product task that Duolingo could achieve by 1–4 engineers in 3–6 months.

I decided to create Duolingo Delights. With this feature, Duolingo users can learn more about the culture around the language they’re trying to learn and not just the grammar. This objective will be achieved by inserting mini culture-related tasks throughout the user’s learning process. These culture-related tasks will be called delights.

After all the hours I spent working on all this, it was a huge bummer when Duolingo let me know I would not be moving forward with the on-site. This was after a programming task, this huge ass presentation and a document I wrote up elaborating on the idea. I got really salty afterward and just jumped to the conclusion that they favored folks from CMU which made me feel a little better.,8_KO9,27.htm#InterviewReview_12991817

By Frances Coronel

Frances Coronel is a software engineer specializing in UI development on the Customer Acquisition Team at Slack where her mission is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

She has been working professionally as a developer since 2015 and holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

Outside of Slack, Frances is an Executive Director of Techqueria, a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech in the US.

She also supports Code Nation as a member of their Bay Area Leadership Council and the Latino Community Foundation as a member of their Latinos in Tech Giving Circle.