I use Todoist, and all my reminders integrate right into my Google Calendar which in turn works swimmingly with every significant calendar desktop app worth a damn like Fantastical or BusyCal.


iMessages 👉🏽️ Google Allo, Android Messages

Things are quite fishy here. Google has way too many apps for messaging (Google HangoutsGoogle Allo & Android Messages) and it rightfully confuses consumers who interact with them.

Chat Apps

Granted, you won’t get Animoji but Allo is more cross-platform than Apple Messages by working on both Android & iOS as well as the web.

Unfortunately, it’s been hard to convince everyone I text to use Allo with me, so I’ve had to stick with Android Messages.


FaceTime 👉🏽️ Google Duo

Google Duo

As I said before, Google’s communication offerings can confuse consumers and they need to still work on centralizing everything into one platform.

For professional stuff, I prefer to use Daily.co but of course for personal calls, you can’t go wrong with Google Duo which is supported by both Android & iOS.

In January of this year, the Duo team teased that Duo would be coming to the web soon but who the hell knows?

But yes, ideally, Duo becomes even more cross-platform because then it could compete with FaceTime even better.