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GDG DevFest SF 2018

A one day community-run event designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between developers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Participants will gain access to all speaker sessions or a full-day Machine Learning code lab.


Interested in learning machince learning from beginning to end? Join in this all day code lab and you’ll learn by developing a ML model using TensorFlow, training and deploying it on Google Cloud and then finally use it to get inferences.

GDG DevFest 2018 – Progressive Web Apps 101 from Frances Coronel

By Frances Coronel

Frances Coronel is a software engineer specializing in UI development on the Customer Acquisition Team at Slack where her mission is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

She has been working professionally as a developer since 2015 and holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

Outside of Slack, Frances is an Executive Director of Techqueria, a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech in the US.

She also supports Code Nation as a member of their Bay Area Leadership Council and the Latino Community Foundation as a member of their Latinos in Tech Giving Circle.