December Focus Group For GitHub

Informal winter focus group on how to build a better GitHub led by Nat Friedman, GitHub’s CEO.

11:00am PST on December 20th

We’d love to invite you to our winter focus group to help us understand more about how we can build a better GitHub! This is an informal session, and will be lead by Nat Friedman, GitHub’s CEO. After a short round of introductions,we’ll be asking questions like, “what do you love about GitHub?” “What would you change?” “What do you primarily use GitHub for?” And we encourage the group to have discussions along the way. So if you hear someone share something that you have experience with or would like to amplify or add on, please feel free to do so.


What do you like about GitHub?

automated checks – github enterprise – personal repos – 10 checks different integrations

friendly aspect – collaboration – being able to meet in person – 3rd party – gitter – not on github

Tower – paid one

static site generators – GitHub Pages & Jekyll to Hugo & Netlify

different teams organized at large scale

custom groups – for people

notification management – issues – Bee –

slack – work – checkpoint

use case library for GitHub

Things; Todoist

GitHub desktop,

repo checks

love how you take feedback so seriously – extensions

being able to interface with GitHub outside of

starred items pop up first in search

group of followers

What could be improved?

Fragmentation between what you can do on the web and what you can do on the desktop app

VS Code Editor to GitHub like stackblitz or codeanywhere

Easier to add integrations per repo

GitHub mobile app or PWA – I use FastHub right now

GitHub native extension

revamped GitHub pages theming options

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Last updated on May 15th, 2020