Faith Chikwekwe

Frances is a great podcast interviewer and an amazing engineer. She interviewed me for her podcast called Tech Queens. For anyone considering appearing on this podcast, I would definitely recommend going for it.

The podcast is about women of color in tech talking about their careers and experiences along the way. I think that it was a great venue for me to discuss my background and speak directly to others in the engineering community. Since Frances is a woman of color in tech who I look up to, I was honored and excited to be featured on the podcast.

The process was very smooth. She set up an initial conversation about the topics that we would cover on my episode and allowed me to update her on any specific items I’d like to discuss during recording. She also provided some tips on her website about ways to prepare to record.

Recording the podcast with her was fun. I was a little bit nervous going into it, but she set me at ease. The recording process felt friendly and very natural. I felt like I had a great opportunity to dig into my career story and talk about issues that are important to me and hopefully to listeners of the podcast.