Coro Fellows Leader Interview

Invited to give a leadership interview for the 2022 Coro Northern California Public Policy Fellows.

The interview lasted one hour and was entirely off-the-record and confidential. The Fellows facilitated the whole interview, and my role as an interview guest was to answer their questions from your perspective.

About Coro Fellowship

The Coro Fellowship is a full-time graduate-level fellowship for aspiring leaders in public affairs. The fellowship program is 75+ years old and counts among its distinguished alumni four sitting Senators (both Senator Feinstein and Senator Padilla are grads of the Coro Fellowship), several Mayors and City Council members, and leaders in the nonprofit, labor, private, and government sectors. Over nine months, the Fellows complete six-week rotations in nonprofit, government, labor, and businesses to learn how each sector functions and interacts with the others. Fellows meet with and interview over 150 leaders across sectors throughout their 9-month fellowship.

The 2022 Coro fellows are showcased here.

Last updated on December 29th, 2022