Aspen Institute Change and Opportunity Seminar

I was invited to participate in a seminar on Change and Opportunity: The Future of Work and Learning organized by the Socrates program and the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program.

Aspen Institute Change and Opportunity Seminar


Due to the pandemic, the world continues changing dramatically—from the way we communicate, to the way we work, learn, and engage. Employment is changing dramatically because of new technologies.

How do we ensure that these emerging trends create opportunity for all our citizens and not just a few? How do we prepare for these changes, and what unintended circumstances can we circumvent, avoid, or mitigate? Do we need new approaches to training and learning and/or new ways of certifying skills and knowledge to create technologically resilient life-long employment opportunities? How has the pandemic provided new technological opportunities and challenges for workers? How can we as a nation welcome innovation, while providing citizens with the tools to reinvent themselves workwise?

In this seminar, we will explore technology trends and innovations, debate their repercussions, and examine new ways to prepare for the future and mitigate global negative impact.


Congratulations, on being selected to participate in the upcoming Change and Opportunity Seminar. We are excited to bring together technology leaders from the United States and Mexico in a timely discussion. Selected participants play important roles in national and global technology companies, such as Affirm, Capgemini, Facebook, Techqueria, PitchBull, Wizeline, and Upstart. We have also welcomed a cadre of public service leaders who have a pulse on local community members whose lives are being impacted by technology. We are looking forward to the exchange of ideas, opinions and perspectives.

The Aspen Institute Socrates Program is a global education forum designed to provide leaders with access to values and ethics-based learning on contemporary topics through expert-moderated, text-based Socratic discussion with peers. The Socrates network (8,000+) includes a diverse group of investors, policy experts, entrepreneurs, academics, journalists and artists from across the US and 35 countries.

Hosted in partnership with the Aspen Latinos and Society Program (AILAS), this seminar provides a forum for the exploration of challenging questions through expert- moderated dialogue aimed at facilitating a thoughtful exchange of ideas between participants with the intent of building bridges of understanding across diverse experiences and backgrounds.


October 12, 2021

3:30 pm to 6:30 pm EST

  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Trends and Change in the Future of Work
  • Trends and Opportunity in the Future of Education
  • The Opportunity (or Not) of Globalism
  • Closing Conversation
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