Client Platform Candidate Actions

Helped update Byteboard's client platform to allow for self-serve actions on candidates and increase visibility.

Client Platform Candidate Actions


When a Byteboard invite was sent out, you would see just this one message: "A report is not available at this time"

The client platform was currently optimized for report viewing and there was very minimal functionality available for clients to manage the interviews sent out to candidates.

Most actions that can be taken on a candidate’s interview were only available through communication with our GTM team.


Now you see a whole page of tooling dedicated to managing a candidates interviewing process with Byteboard.

Clients can edit the interview deadline, type, accommodations, send reminders and ask for tech support.

They can also see a timeline of events associated with this candidate's interview.

This helped make the platform more self-serve and have clients rely less on manual labor from the GTM team.


  • new timeline component that showcases various event actions taken on the candidate
  • seven conditional views based on the candidate's invitation state before the skill report is ready
  • 5+ new user action components

Different Possible Scenarios

  1. Interview not started, invite sent
  2. Interview active
  3. Support active
  4. Recommendation generation
  5. Incomplete
  6. Expired
  7. Cancelled

User Priorities

This project aimed to address these critical client journeys in the platform:

  • As a recruiter or hiring manager, I feel a sense of confidence and certainty about the status of my candidates Byteboard interview, from the time they are invited to when the onsite decision is made.
  • As a recruiter or hiring manager, I fully understand a candidate’s process with Byteboard, and I have all the information I need to keep engaging with the candidate as they move through the hiring pipeline.
  • As a recruiter or hiring manager, I know what actions are available to me to manage a candidate’s Byteboard interview and feel empowered to take those actions as needed



Initial Designs


A client can now perform additional actions to manage candidates’ interviews in the Byteboard portal.

If a candidate hasn’t yet started the interview, a client can take the following actions from their Candidate Page.

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