Girls Who Code Club Talk

Gave a 30-minute talk to two classes of girls at a public school in Newport News, VA to inspire them to pursue computer science and serve as a role model.

Girls Who Code Club Talk


Greenwood Elementary School

Newport News, VA

~25 young ladies

Worked with Alex, who I also worked with in the past for Hour of Code 2015.

Topics Covered

  • Your story, how you got started. Why computer science caught your eye? Did something or someone intrigue you to get started?
  • The benefits of working in computer science, the exciting projects you work on, the different things that someone in computer science can do to make our world a better place and have a great career.
  • How computer science is part of almost every job opportunity and the future of computer science for young people. What’s your perspective, outlook, and encouraging words for them?
  • Anything else that will get our girls excited about going into a computer science field.


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